Clear Rail Consulting: Outstanding Experience

Cam Plaisier


20+ years of Cross-Functional Class 1 Railway Experience

Cross-Functionality includes Engineering, Field Operations, Customer Service Operations, Service Design and Revenue Cost Management

Expert in Local Service and Extra Service/Demurrage scenerios

Designed and Implemented Canadian Pacific Railway's current Local Service Operating Plan. Involved the design of over 35 Major & Secondary Terminals, 350+ Industrial Crews and over 1400 customer facilities. Created all the Customer Business Rules, Created the Serving Yard Concept and have been responsible for the capture of 10's of millions of new revenue (your money) through the application of existing and the creation of new Demurrage & Supplemental rules/tariffs. CP Rail's Revenue Cost Management team currently uses many of my approaches and tactics for revenue capture and generation.

Recognized internally as extremely creative in Problem Resolution and the creation of new inovative ideas/solutions currently being practiced or in developement today.

Solid Cross-functional understanding of Scheduled Rail Operations and overall Class 1 direction.

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