Clear Rail Limited 

Clear Rail Limited is a newly formed and highly specialized service that deals solely with those annoying and persistent railway service related issues that you deal with on a daily basis. We specialize in those areas that most will not deal in or do not fully understand. These issues like Railway Demurrage, Extra Handling Charges, Level of Service, Local Service and Service Failures not only cost your company money, but also time and valuable resources. In most cases these issues are the cause of the carrier somewhere in the shipment cycle and certainly not the customer. However the Railways  work extremely hard to make the customer think that these issues are a result of something you, the customer, did not do correctly.


Dealing with most railways can be extremely aggravating and getting a clear answer to your concerns near impossible. This is where Clear Rail comes in. We will provide real guidence, assist you all the way in dealing with the issue and get the best possible results based on years of Class 1 Railway experience. Most importantly we are on your side and take a vested interests in ensuring you the customer are being treated fairly and equitibily by the Railways.


Recently both Canadian Railroads have adopted the Precision Railroad Model. This model is very effecient at dramatically increasing revenue and share prices but is not very friendly in regards to demurrage or ancillary charges to the rail based shipper. We have found many areas of concern and have simply used logical approaches to fight and win many of these disputes. There are rules in Canada and the Canadian Railways operate in a Regulated Enviroment unlike the USA, However leadership within those railways tend to operated unchecked just like they are operting in a derugulated enviroment. Simply rail shippers have rights and many more than they think they have. We have often used the Regulatory route as leverage as these railroads know exactly how far they have stretched regulations/fairness and the last thing they want is a regulatory body issuing orders - they rarely let it go that far.        


Remember you, the customer, are not playing on a Level Playing Field in regards to dealing with most Railways. However Clear Rail can provide you a real opportunity to Level that unfair playing field and rid yourself of the excessive time, resources and revenues involved in Poor Rail Service or Erroneous Ancillary Charges. So contact Clear Rail and help yourself break the highly ineffecient cycle you continue to find yourself in month after month.