Our Client Base

Client Industries

Clear Rail deals with all Carload customers on all Six Class 1 Railways or any regional or shortline railway. We have and continue to represent some of the Rail Industry's largest customers involving all types of commodities. However we also represent many small rail-based customers and whether a customer is large, medium or small the are all dealt with in the same manner. Outstanding Customer Service is our goal and all of our clients (current and past) would most certianly attest to this. Most important and different from the Railways we actually answer our phones, return phone calls and do what we say we will do!   


Our clients immediately become very aware of our unique ability to immediately save them time, resources and revenue with our unique and unmatched railway experience approaches to issues. We always drive for solutions that best suit our clients and we treat your revenue like our own.


Over the course of the last 15 years we have saved our clients millions in erroneous ancillary & demurrage charges, seen large amounts of monies returned to our clients based on historical errorneous charges and negotiated real service contracts that have saved our clients tens of millions of dollars.


One thing is for sure this company is gaining tremendous momentum in the rail shipping sector and the railways are not at all happy about that. Our services are unmatched and truely we have absolutely no competion anywhere in North America for what we do. We are in fact a Monopoly however we do not act nor charge like we are!