What you Need to Know & What Frustrates Most Rail Shippers

Carrier Failure to Switch Allowance: Railways are obligated to provide this allowance whenever they miss a scheduled switch or service. However this allowance is rarely provided today or in the past. This shipper allowance can equate into fairly substantial dollars (demurrage credits) for a shipper. We not only ensure our clients recieve this allowance but also ensure that any historical demurrage invoices that have not been credited properly (I have never seen an actual invoice where this has been credited) is reclaimed. We have been successful in many endeavors of this type. As stated most if not all rail based customers in Canada have never been credited properly. Think about how many times over the years the railway has missed a switch.


Order for Placement Date: Railways have done a tremendous job of taking the order for placement date away from the customer. If you have less than 7 day a week service and the railway tells you when you can order a car and when you cannot, you have fallen into this trap. The order for Placement Date belongs solely to the customer and as soon as the customer has track capacity to accept cars they can order these cars. Very often the railways simply advise that a customer cannot order a car until a certain time for their next scheduled switch service. Wrong the customer can order as soon as they have track capacity, can order more than once a day and this effectively stops the Constructive Placement clock and shift the delay back to the railway. In extreme cases (many of them) customers are only provided 2  or 3 day service a week and the railway keeps the demurrage clock running on the non-service days or through the weekends. This is a highly unfair practice that is and has been in place for many years. The Customer owns the Order for Placement Date and if you have experienced these types of situations - then you have a solid case for demurrage reclaim and we can most certainly assist you with this.


Service Time: Railway tariffs are very clear. 24 hours of free time for loading and 48 hours of free time for unloading. Most customers are not getting their full allotment of the timelines outlined in the Railway's Tariffs. Unless you get spotted at 0001k daily you are not recieving the full allotment before demurrage is being assessed. If you get spotted later in the day or in the afternoon then your hours actually alloted may only be 4-5 hours before you lose a credit, not the 24 hours stated. This again is another area where reclaims can be undertaken. 


Hybrid Service: There are 2 types of service, Order-In or Place on Arrival. for years the railways have been clouding these stright-forward switch services in order to provide service that benfits their operation and revenue stream. In Order-In the delay lays with the customer, however in Place on Arrival the delay always lays with the Railway. On traffic in Order-In can be constructively placed, however railways often constructively place Place on Arrival traffic. In addition Order-In customers are allowed to request specific cars to specfic spots. The railways often do not offer this to customers.


Moving your own Traffic In-House: Most railways do not provide extra credits for this service you the customer provide. They simply say it adds no value to their operation. Switching your own traffic in-house offers the railway incredible benefiys from a operational cost saving perspective. If you ar enot recieving any benefits in the for of an extra credit, call us and we will get it for you.


Lastly if you think a charge is unfair or invalid do not pay the invoice! Place the invoice into Dispute and call us. If you are being harrased by Railway Collection Agents threatening to cut credit or service or both call us and we can help you deal with this. Remember once you pay it becomes much more difficult to resolve accurately and fairly.  


It may seem like a one-way street but Clear Rail levels that playing field!!